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Fibreglass Chimney

Fibreglass Mouldings
by grp building products

Fibreglass Tank

We produce high-quality fibreglass tanks & sinks for various sectors, including the photographic, cooling systems & chemical testing industries. Our tanks are durable, lightweight, and can be made to be resistant to corrosion and chemicals. We offer bespoke options to meet specific customer needs and can provide multiple options of specification to suit.

Fibreglass Enclosure

Our fibreglass enclosures are ideal for outdoor and indoor applications. They provide excellent protection against the elements as well as vandalism, and theft. Mouldings can be made to suit design needs, as well as being tailored to provide an aesthetic solution within their surroundings.

Fibreglass Car

Going back to our roots, we have been producing automotive parts since the company's inception, almost 40 years ago. Past & current clients include Westfield Sportscars, Trident Motorcycles and TVR. Well known for our excellent quality and understanding of the exacting standards required, we can assure superb gelcoat finished mouldings, whether it's for vintage cars or futuristic EV's.

Exhibiton Stand

GRP (Fibreglass) really comes into its own when put to use in leisure, tourism, retail and hospitality spaces. The versatility of shapes, textures, finishes and it’s lightweight properties means that your imagination can run wild!

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